BWA Lab Ltd. offers a comprehensive service package that covers every stage of wastewater and sludge treatment processes. Our services aim to provide the highest efficiency and economy to our clients by combining the most modern technologies with sustainable water management principles. Below, we present how our service process is structured:

1. Survey and Pilot Operation

Our collaboration with each client begins with a thorough on-site survey, where our experts assess the current state of the facility and identify potential optimization opportunities. Following this, we collect specific data within a pilot operation framework, which is used to develop customized recommendations. During the pilot operation, we focus particularly on dewatering efficiency, energy consumption, and carbon dioxide emissions.

2. Installation of CO²Smart System

Installing the CO²Smart system is a comprehensive process that takes place at the wastewater treatment plant. The first step involves preparatory work, including a thorough survey of the plant, evaluation of existing systems, characteristics of incoming water, and operational challenges. This ensures that the CO²Smart system is precisely tailored to the plant's unique needs. This is followed by physical installation and setup, which includes the delivery, installation of equipment, and software configuration. After activating the data collection infrastructure, the collection of real-time operational data begins. These data are crucial for the analyses and recommendations generated by the system later. The initial data collection and monitoring phase starts after installation, allowing for continuous tracking of the plant's performance and precise control of optimization processes.

3. Optimization

After installing the CO²Smart system, the implementation of the optimization steps it recommends begins. The main goal in this phase is to precisely and efficiently implement the optimization suggestions identified by the system. This includes fine-tuning technological settings and, if necessary, applying our specially developed additives, such as Nanosmart GREEN and RED products. These measures aim to bring the operation of the wastewater treatment plants as close as possible to the optimal state identified by the CO²Smart system.

We especially use additives when the specific characteristics of the plant or the qualities of the incoming water make it impossible to achieve the optimal state suggested by CO²Smart in any other way. Our additives contribute to bringing the plant closer to the ideal operational parameters, thereby helping to improve dewatering efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and minimize carbon dioxide emissions.

Throughout the entire process, we work closely with our clients to ensure the successful implementation of optimization suggestions and achieve sustainable, economical operation in the long term. BWA Lab Ltd. is committed to contributing to environmental protection and the sustainability of the wastewater treatment sector while offering efficient and innovative solutions to its clients.

BWA Lab Ltd. is committed to contributing to environmental protection and the sustainability of the wastewater treatment sector. With our solutions based on CO²Smart, we offer not only economy and efficiency to our clients but also reflect our commitment to environmental sustainability.