BWA Lab Ltd. stands out in the water treatment sector for its pioneering work in sewage and sludge management. Since the foundation of our company, our mission has been to offer innovative solutions to environmental challenges, combining the latest results of scientific research with practical applications. We are proud to contribute to improving water quality, increasing energy efficiency, and reducing environmental footprint.

More than 20 years of


Hundreds of

waste water treatment plants

Thousands of

samples tested

Millions of

kW of electricity saved

Our research and development activities are centered on patented biocatalysts, which revolutionize the efficiency of sludge treatment, significantly reducing the costs and environmental impact of wastewater treatment. Alongside these innovative products, our CO²Smart device focuses on optimizing energy consumption and reducing carbon emissions, while our mobile screw press technology provides an effective solution for on-site dewatering.

In our work, we place great emphasis on compliance with EU regulations, as we understand that adhering to environmental regulations is not only a legal obligation but also a reflection of our commitment to sustainability. Our company's strategy is defined by a commitment to sustainable development, innovation, and quality, which results in our products and services contributing to both the business and environmental goals of our partners.

We maintain close cooperation with research institutes and universities to continually expand our knowledge and solutions in light of the latest scientific findings. Through these partnerships, not only is our research and development activity at the forefront, but we are also able to quickly respond to changes in market demands.

BWA Lab Ltd. is committed to promoting environmentally conscious water management while supporting its clients with innovative solutions to wastewater treatment challenges. We believe that the products and services provided by our company are crucial for creating a sustainable future, and we are proud that our activities contribute to environmental sustainability and the success of our clients. In the coming years, we intend to continue our research, development, and innovation efforts to provide new solutions to environmental challenges, always prioritizing quality, reliability, and sustainability.