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BWA Lab Ltd. distinguishes itself in the water treatment industry through its pioneering work in sewage and sludge management. Since our company's inception, our goal has been to offer innovative solutions to environmental challenges, combining the latest findings in scientific research with practical applications. We take pride in our contribution to improving water quality, enhancing energy efficiency, and reducing the environmental footprint.

More than 20 years of


Hundreds of

waste water treatment plants

Thousands of

samples tested

Millions of

kW of electricity saved

Our activities


Our services encompass advanced wastewater treatment technologies, the redefinition of sludge management through biocatalysts, and the digitalization of operations. Our primary goal is to fully comply with EU regulations, reduce environmental footprint, increase energy efficiency, and improve water quality. Through our innovations, water treatment processes become not only more efficient but also more sustainable.


Our products are highlighted by patented biocatalysts that redefine sludge management and wastewater treatment. Our CO²Smart device enhances energy efficiency, while our mobile screw press offers a flexible dewatering solution. These innovations not only improve efficiency but also promote the sustainability of water treatment processes.


Contact details

BWA Lab Kft.
Headquarters: 1119 Budapest, Fehérvári út 85. C. ép. 4. em.
Location: 8181 Berhida, Veszprémi út
Mailing address: 8181 Berhida, Kossuth 51.

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